Sunday, March 25, 2012

Email from Craig Harvey:

I've now added two very educational videos of Charlie explaining the green/natural building aspects of our trip.  See 5 & 6 below.


1) The 30-minute CTN show that was filmed on 3/15/12 is available on the web.  Yes, the url does end like that.

2) Introduction to the solar project by Pat, John, and Charlie.  Includes our first ride up the hill.  (16:20)

3) Mid-week update on the solar project, mostly John, with a bit of Greg introducing everyone to our parts/design challenges. (6:05)

4) And the Friday morning "final report" video from the CECAP solar project (22:07)

5) Green/Natural building in Guatemala: Charlie Rendall introduces ATC to projects  (26:40)
Charlie's Monday morning introduction to bajareque.  The second half of this video continues Charlie's audio, but uses photos to show what he is talking about, since my video camera ran out of battery.

6) Green/Natural building in Guatemala: Lime Plasters by Charlie Rendall  (33:00)
Making & Using Lime and Earthen Plasters (stucco or render) -- a demonstration and explanation given on Friday afternoon in San Marcos.

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