Thursday, March 1, 2012

We made it through a day with no injuries!  I forgot to mention that Leena’s fingers got smashed between the boat and the dock yesterday.  Fortunately not broken, but it was painful enough to make her pass out.

This morning, Craig, Michael, Andrew and I went to Tzununa to scout out the preschool there for a possible solar project.  Paula, who works at the Iguana, came with us as a translator.  Our day started at 7:15, with just Granola Bars for breakfast. 

We took a boat to Tzununa, then walked up a very rocky road to the school, quite a distance up the hill.  There isn’t really a town in this area, just a couple of small stores.  The school currently has no electricity.  When we got to the school, we went up to the roof to assess the sun angles and look at the best spot.

 Andrew measured angles with his Droid.  (There’s an app for that….he also has a level on his phone).

School was in session, so I have many photos of children. 

When we finished at the school, the teacher asked if we could go look at her home solar system, since it isn’t working.  That was an even more arduous hike, and I was really glad to have my hiking boots.  Between the school and her house, we hike from about 5000 ft to about 6000 ft.  I’m not used to the altitude, and I was really glad to have my hiking boots here.  Scenery was stunning, with the lake and the mountains always visible.  (And I have my jacket back, the one that Ben was using as a welding apron.)

The teacher’s husband is an artist, so their house is also an art studio.  Unfortunately, all of his paintings were promised to other people.

This photo shows the whole home solar system, except for the panels on the roof.  You can see the LED light, the wires, the controller and the battery.

Our walk down the hill was much easier than the trip up, and the lake felt great on my tired feet at the bottom.  We took a boat to San Marcos and joined the bajareque group.  Since it was just before lunch and school was still in session, I took photos of kids instead of getting dirty.

{I'll have to add them later.  The cafe would like to close now.}

We had lunch at Restaurant Fe, where the chef is from London.  Charlie says it’s the best restaurant in town.  We had a curry dish, and said goodbye to Kat and Tess for 2 days – they’re taking a side trip with Doug to Tikal while they’re down here. 

After lunch, Craig and I were both ready for naps, but it was back to mud slinging.  We are almost done with one of the two walls we’re working on.  Tim and Craig replaced a rotten post, James worked on building a roof in another area, Leena and Gail sifted dirt to make a fine dirt for the last layer on our first wall.  Andrew repaired a swing.  Michael, Karen, Gail and I all worked on the wall.  I will sleep very well tonight!

Tomorrow is our last day of work.  We’ll all go up to the CEPAC school, where the solar project is near complete – only about 30 minutes of electrical work remain.  Then we’ll all go to San Marcos to work on walls.  We’ll quit a bit early, as we’re going to Panjatel for a nice dinner.

And as I write this, we're being serenaded by Tim, with the local guitar.  What a great way to end the day!

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