Saturday, February 25, 2012

Internet access is infrequent here.  At the moment, I am typing in an internet cafe.  Almost every word is underlined by the spell checker because I am not writing in Spanish.

We arrived at our hotels at around 7.  I am staying at Posada Don Valentino.  The students are in a dorm at the Black Cat Inn.  The hotels are about a block apart.  John took us downtown to a secure ATM.  Strange to take out 1000 Qu.  About $125 in USD.   Then he took us to an Italian restaurant where we had pizza for our first Guatemalan meal.  Most restaurants here close at 10.  In this area, it´s not a good idea to walk alone at night.  I noticed that when Kat and I got back to the hotel, we had to knock.  The concierge opened a window to see who we were before letting us in.  We slept great.  I have a double bed with a very hard mattress and a small bathroom.  The bed takes up most of the room.  We´re told that TP doesn´t get flushed anywhere in the country.

We met as a group for breakfast at The Black Cat.  Then a trip to the grocery story, right next to my hotel,  for people to pick up things they needed or to get minutes on their phones. I had to buy a converter for the laptop cable.  Guatemala uses the same power as we do, but all outlets are 2 pronged.  So my blog may have photos added later. Andrew unlocked his iphone and is bringing it.  He´ll have to get up early tomorrow because the day starts at 8 30 and he will need to take care of it before that.

I talked to Sara on the phone last night, and again this morning.  She and her daughters will meet us for breakfast, then go on our walking tour with us.  Her daughter has music lessons today.

We´ve had free time since then, and people went in various directions.  I´ve been wandering the cobblestone streets of Antigua.  This used to be the capital, until the last earthquake destroyed the town and the capital relocated to Guatemala City.  All of the streets are cobblestone here.  It´s nice to see flowers in bloom.  Temperature is comfortable, though I should have taken a jacket to the restaurant last night.  While walking downtown, I ran into Karen and her son.  Then we bumped into Pedro and Jose again.  Good thing because the concert may start at 8, not 9.  Got more hugs from Pedro.
John says we´ll take a taxi.  It´s about a 20 minute walk, so that´s probably safety.  I think that 4 other peopel are going with me.

That´s all for now.  We´re meeting as a group to go to the market.

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