Friday, February 24, 2012

Posting from DTW.  We came early enough to miss rush hour.  Though so far, there are only a couple of inches of snow, and the roads weren't bad.  The second wave of snow is supposed to hit this afternoon.  But hopefully, it will be clear for tomorrow's travelers.

Andrew has gone back home to finish his homework, due today.   He'll fly down on the same flights tomorrow that I'm taking today.

There are 5 others from our trip on this flight, according to my list.  (Doug, Kat, Tess, James and Leena)  So far, I don't see them.  But I only met the once at our pretrip meeting, so I'm not positive I'll recognize them.  
Hope I figure it out, because we have a 2 hour layover in Mexico City.

There are a total of 20 people in our group.  About half are traveling today, and the rest on either Saturday or Sunday.  We'll be in Antigua through Sunday, then go on to Santa Cruz la Laguna, where the school we'll be working at is located.

We will have a slight departure delay.  Our plane is on the way from Minneapolis.  It's currently scheduled to land at 10:05, so we won't quite leave at 10:10.  Plenty of time for the connection.

Update - they found a new plane, so we'll leave on time.
And, I found Doug, Kat, James and Leena.  Ben is here somewhere, and Tess is coming tomorrow.

Time for me to log off!

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