Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whew! This could have wrecked the trip before it started!

I was on my way to work this morning. Roads are a bit icy. Pickup truck coming toward me on a curve lost control and hit the side of my car. Side airbags deployed and I slid into the guard rail. The pickup kept going and hit the car behind me head on.

Fortunately, the pickup driver has racing experience. (No, he wasn't speeding.) He knew enough not to brake on the ice, just to steer through it. If he had braked, he'd have hit me head on.

No one was seriously injured. The paramedics attended to the driver of the white car, whose chest was hurting from the airbag deployment. The pickup driver was limping, but didn't get medical attention. And I am alternating between typing and putting an ice pack on the large bruise/lump on my left knuckle. Ironically, it is easier to type on my blackberry than a full keyboard right now.

The family of the pickup driver gave me a ride home, and also a ride to the body shop to get everything out of my car. Very nice people.

It looks bad. But if Chris, the driver of the pickup truck, didn't have experience and good judgement on ice, I might not be writing this now.

This used to be my 2010 Ford Fusion. I hope that the guy in the body shop is right, that it's totaled. I'd rather not have to drive a car with as much repair as it would need to fix it.
This is the pickup truck that hit me. The damage along the driver's side came from my car.
Damage to the pickup from collision with the other vehicle.
This is the car that the pickup truck hit after mine.
Driver (Jeremy?) with his vehicle
Impact with my car probably slowed the pickup before hitting this one. Mine would have been worse than this if he'd braked and hit me head on....
Collision knocked me into the guard rail.
I was able to open to door to get out of the car, but couldn't get it open again to get my drivers license.

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  1. Jeez Tina, you have definetly expelled any bad karma whatsoever, and should be good to go. I suppose it gave you some good practice posting pictures and writing/pubilishing a poat in your Blog!!!